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Sunday, July 1

We want full recognition not half !!

 Recently the Kerala High court at Ernakulam had delivered a judgment  on framing new recognition rules for recognizing trade unions in BSNL. As per the court order the Dy.CLC will convene a meeting of all trade unions to discuss and decide on the subject matter with in two months.  It is a welcome step in the direction of democratizing the recognition rules to recognize trade unions instead of following the outdated and unsuitable code of discipline. NFTE BSNL was demanding recogition for more than one union in BSNL for a very long time.However the management was not prepared to accept our demand on the spacious plea that there was no unanimity/consensus on the subject matter. But surprisingly BSNLEU now changed a bit and informed the management that it is not averse to modify the code of discipline and frame new recognition rules. It also accepted the proportionate representation in all negotiating councils such as National/Circle/Local councils.

         No doubt this will end the business of unholy alliance of unions in BSNL for the membership verifications. However the crucial point of extending recognition to more than one union which secure atleast 15% of vote Nationwide is not yetaddressed. BSNLEU has so far revealed its mind only on the sharing of seats in councils as per vote share in any verification. It did not spell out openly on the need for extending recognition to more than one union so far. In the past Nation/circle/Local councils were not meeting regularly and periodically. Some times BSNLEU to cut its alliance partners into size did not bothered to hold council meetings even for the whole period. This did not affect BSNLEU since it is a recognized union and could meet the management at any time to discuss any issue.

   The same tactic may be adopted by BSNLEU even after accepting the proportionate representation in National/Circle/Local councils. Hence it is important to get recognition for atleast two unions or all unions which secured more than 15% of support in any verification. The single union domination as recognized union had to end now and here. NFTE BSNL should not accept merely the cosmetic and selective changes in the recognition rules and insist for complete overhaul of the existing rules & procedures for recognizing of trade unions in BSNL.


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