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Friday, July 6


Atl CGMs , BSNL Circles
Sub:  Fixation of  date of  submission of  periodical cash requisition ftrn
payment of GpF Withdrawal, license fee/USOF levy and spectrum charges.
presently, cash authorization is effected every fortnight based on requisitions
received from tircles. A  review of liquidity position of the company has highlighted
the need to  streamline the process of  disbursement of  GPF advances/r,vitirclriii  i.,
License fee and spectrum charges. It has been decided to change the process 35 $elsi't'.
GPF Advances/ Withdrawal
GPF Advanceiwithdrawal application rna)' be received at SSAs/
level by  20th of  each month and approved by  competent authority by
month. All  sanctions shall be incorporated in the cash requisition of the
of  the  subsequent month. Cash shall be authorized in  the first  week
subject to availabilitY of fund.
PAUs/ Circi;
25tl' of  eaclt
first  f'orlnir: i'l
of  the  llrofiti-i
License fee and sPectrum charges
Th.  d.r.  date for payment of  quarterly license fee/ USOF levy and acvelrlce
quarterly spectrum charges is 15th of following month of gach quarter rn'hereas  date fi;r
submission of requisition of funds for said purpose is 26th of preceding month oi'tii.r;
date of  payment. This  led  to  requisition  on  estimation basis and  subseque  nt
supplementary demand / surrender.
Hence, date of  submission of requisition of  funds for payment of  LF/{-iSOi-:
levy and spectrum charges stands revised from  26th of the preceding month to  1Otl' ot'
the month in which payment is to be made. Since monthly trial balance of each SS,\s,,'
is prepared by 8'h of the following month, it may be ensured that the recluisitii,r'd
for quarterly LFAJSOF levy and advance spectrum charges match calculatiott of'AGit
as per Trial Balance.
(Yojana Das )
General Manager
Budget, Finance Control &  Inl'estrnenI

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