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Thursday, January 12

Two faces of Com. Abhimanyu: !!

The 05/01/2012 order of BSNL granting informal meeting for a union which has secured atleast 15% votes in a particular circle will only help NFTE-BSNL to discuss staff issues with the Circle/SSA authorities. Although this order did not meet fully our demand for 2nd union recognition it is a welcome step forward  towards establishing two unions in BSNL  in future since only NFTE-BSNL and BSNLEU could secure more than 15% of support in the past and future verifications.

   BSNLEU very recently communicated to the management that it is prepared to share recognition with NFTE-BSNL by accepting the concept of proportionate representation in the negotiating councils such as National/Circle/Local councils. Eventhough this decision was taken by BSNLEU several months ago at their Jaipur executive meeting Com. Abhimanyu deliberately delayed to communicate the same to the management because he was opposed to that idea to share recognition with NFTE-BSNL. Only under the compulsions from the high command he was forced to take such decision at Jaipur meeting.

        We all know the negative attitude of Com. Abhimanhu towards the unity of all trade unions in BSNL to safeguard the interest of three lakh employees/executives. That is why he wrote false stories  in his web site in the past stating that NFTE-BSNL  “ vertically split” when we all in the midst of a united strike action against the management. Now also Com. Abhimanyu got himself exposed through his writeup on the 05/01/2012 order of the management granting informal meeting to NFTE-BSNL. At one time he writes to the management demanding changes in the existing rules for recognizing unions in BSNL and accepting proportionate representation in the negotiating councils and at the same time he is belittling  the order for granting informal meeting to NFTE-BSNL. This is the real face of Com. Abhimanyu.


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