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Tuesday, January 17

Request for modification in R/R in respect of 40% quota of vacancies for promotion to TTA cadre.!!

Ref : BSNL Letter No. 250-41/2001-Pers III dated 27.07.2011.
We seek your kind attention on the subject as bulk of staff are not in positions to appear
in the LDCE for promotion to TTA cadre causing deep frustration amongst them. Therefore, we
request for modification in Part B “40% LDCE” of R/R as below.
(1) (a) There are candidates who had qualified in the entrance examination and appeared for
the final examination also but could not be successful. These qualified candidates
were not allowed to appear in the second final examination.
Therefore, we suggest that an item under (b) (III) be added that earlier entry qualified
candidates are eligible to appear in the LDCE.
Similarly, an item (b) (IV) be incorporated making provision for entry qualification
examination for those who don’t possess 10+2 qualification.
2. The TMs possessing 10th standard qualification with ITI certificate be treated equivalent
to 10+2 and be made eligible to appear in the LDCE. This be incorporated as item (b)
3. There are TMS who have passed supplementary examination and undergone training also
but could not be promoted as TTA due to supreme court’s verdict. These candidates be
covered in R/R under item absorption.
The officials belonging to Telecom factory, electrical wing possessing similar
qualification ie 10+2 be made eligible for the LDCE.
Kindly, therefore, consider the above suggestions/proposals to incorporate in the R/R
before notification of the examination.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
(Chandeshwar Singh)
General Secretary

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