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Saturday, August 31

 CHQ NEWS......
இம்மாதம் சம்பளம் பட்டுவாடா செய்வதற்கான நிதி 30-08-13 இரவு அனுப்பப்பட்டது

  30-08-2013 : Allotment of fund for salary sent to all circles.

30-08-2013 : Reception Committee writes - circle Secretaries to note.

30-08-2013 : Request for upgradation in NE-12 scake (16390-33830) wef 1st April, 2008 instead of 22nd February, 2012. Letter No.-TF-26/6, Dated:-29-08-2013.

 30-08-2013 : Pay erosion of DR TTAs and others - consideration regarding. Letter No.-TF-9/9, Dated:-27-06-2013.

 29-08-2013 : Pension of DOT absorbed employees in BSNL - AITUC writes to MOC to remove apprehensions and doubts.

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