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Thursday, August 8

 Financial Assistance for implementing VRS in BSNL/ MTNL:
          It is reliably learnt that the Government has agreed to extend financial help for implementing the VRS scheme(Retrenchment Scheme) for employees in BSNL/MTNL.

Internal Meeting of the CHQ office bearers:
       After the New Delhi Convention on  03/08/2013.  The 8 central office bearers including the President, GS   and  Dy-GS  and few Circle secretaries met Federation office on Saturday evening and Sunday morning to discuss some  urgent organizational issues and works demands.  After through discussion the following   decisions were taken.

    To demand change in the faulty Bonus formula and to ensure a minimum of one month salary as Bonus to our Employees without linking the same to profitability since BSNL is a unique PSU where revenue loss is caused due to the decisions of Govt of India.
     After the implementation of 78.2% IDA merger with effect from 10/06/2013 many Gr.D Employees wage reduction and huge recoveries. Many Employees also started stagnating in their pay as  they reached their maximum of their scale. This issue will be discussed first with the management and then struggle will be  discussed  first with the management and then struggle will be organized if necessary.
     Extension of 30% fitment benefit for the left out employees who are facing discrimination in pay  and allowances as they were recruited after 01/10/2007. Even though   a high power committee has been formed to review this matter NFTE will spare no effort to settle this vital issue which causing concern among the all direct recruited   employees.

                 The internal meeting noted the agitational program decided by united forum independently and decided to write the leadership of the BSNLEU   to have a joint struggle along with NFTE-BSNL as most of the issues are   common in nature. However it was also decided that incase BSNLEU does not show any interest for joint struggle NFTE-BSNL will plan its own struggle on the urgent and long pending issues of the employees independently after discussing the whole thing in the next National Executive Committee   meeting.

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