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Sunday, August 25

             BSNL Employees union along with its partners in the united forum concluded its 3 days Nationwide dharna on 23/08/2013 for   27 odd demands including payment of Bonus.  By and large both the employees and the management have ignored its 3 days dharna as was expected.  When most of the demands including payment of Bonus is common to all Employees/ Executives we cannot find any justification for not planning a united struggle under the banner of forum. May be,the leadership of BSNLEU is more interested in proving its interest on those demands than the settlement of demands itself.

 When Comrades Gnanaiah and Gupta signed agreement for the first time in the history of P&T Employees  for payment of Bonus under the Productivity linked scheme(PLB), Comrades Namboodri and his friends made hue and cry and questioned the logic behind the linking of Productivity with Bonus. They also propagated that since productivity was linked with payment of Bonus and in future Bonus amount will be reduced. They shouted from the roof tops that “Bonus is the deferred wage”.

      But when these comrades gained the status of recognized union in 2004 they mearely surrendered to the management by accepting the profit linked incentive scheme. They never hesitated to throw their   own slogan of “ Bonus is a deferred wage” to the Bay of Bengal. Since Com. Namboodri committed the sin of linking the payment of Bonus( Incentive) to the profitability of the company our employees were denied Bonus ever since 2009-2010 financial year. All these nine years BSNLEU accepted the arguments of the management that “ Bonus will be paid to the Employees only When the Company earns profit". However NFTE-BSNL although not a Recognized union from 2004-2012 opposed the wrong approach of BSNLEU and demanded one month salary as Bonus irrespective of whether company runs on Profit or loss. During the campaign for the recent membership verification also NFTE-BSNL   highlighted the Bonus issue and assured the Employees the payment of minimum Bonus   even if company runs on loss by changing the Bonus formula which was agreed by BSNLEU.

               NFTE-BSNL  has already written letter to CMD BSNL demanding payment of minimum Bonus for our Employees and preparing for a joint struggle on this  crucial issue since ”Pooja” holidays are fastly approaching. But suddenly the leadership of BSNLEU embarked on agitations unilaterally without consulting NFTE-BSNL, FNTO  and other Unions/Associations only for publicity and propaganda. NFTE_BSNL sincerely believe that  only a united struggle under the banner of Forum could force the management to change Bonus formula  and ensure the payment of Bonus for our Employees/ Executives atleast this year. Whether  BSNLEU will rethink?

C.K.Mathivanan, CS

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