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Sunday, August 11

CBI raids the Residence of former CGM, M.P.Veluchamy on 08/08/2013:

       A CBI taem from  New Delhi raided the residence of Shri M.P.Veluchamy at his  native place Salem in connection with the illegal provision of 323 ISDN lines at the residence of former telecom minister Dayanidhi maran which was allowed to be misused by SUN TV Network owned by Shri Kalanidhi Maran there by causing Rs 400 Cr revenue loss to BSNL, Chennai telephones. When the raid took place it seems to be Shri Veluchamy was not at his residence but staying in his son’s house at USA. The CBI  search team took away several important documents and sealed the the residence after pasting a notice on the door with instructions to Shri Veluchamy to report immediately at the New Delhi CBI head quarters on his arrival from  America.

   During Oct-2011 our circle union conducted a protest demonstration in front of the CGM office to oppose the activity of Shri M.P. Veluchamy   even after  his retirement  he was allowed to freely move to the CGM  chamber and to destroy the vital documents regarding the illegal provision of 323 ISDN lines at the residence of former telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran. The management instead of stopping this malpractice unleashed  victimization on the protest. Nearly 70 comrades were issued with FR-17A with break in service punishment. Com. C.K.Mathivanan who lead the agitation was charged with Rule-36 of CDA rules for Maximum punishment. An enquiry was conducted against him and his retirement benefits with held till this date and the disciplinary case against him is pending at  Corporate office.

           Atleast now the CBI has acted and vindicated our charges against Shri. M.P. Veluchamy, former CGM, Chennai telephones.  When all union at every level on this loot of BSNL kept silent and we are proud that our circle union highlighted this issue due to which action is being   initiated  on this fraud.

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