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Friday, June 7

Happy Ending for our long wait:

        NFTE-BSNL is happy to convey the approval of DOT for the merger of 78.2% IDA for which the Unions /Associations signed agreement a year ago. The approval of the DOT was officially communicated to Com. Islam Ahamad, president, NFTE-BSNL by CMD, BSNL over phone at 06.30PM today. We congratulate all the leaders of the “FORUM” for achieving this without going in for an indefinite strike from 12/06/2013. May be we would have got this a year back if we had not withdrawn the strike on 12/06/2012.

          There is a slight confusion   about the date of effect. Whether it will be from 01/01/2007 as we demanded or from 07/06/2013, the date of DOT’s approval will be clear only after the release of official written communication by DOT. We thank all the members of NFTE-BSNL who participated very enthusiastically in all the programs conducted for the merger of 78.2% IDA in Chennai telephones on 22/05/2013 (demonstrations) and on 05/06/2013 (dharna) and meetings in support of strike demands at Nine centers on 07/06/2013 throughout Chennai telephones. NFTE-BSNL promised the employees to get 78.2% IDA merger immediately   after getting the status of recognized union. Now the first promise of NFTE-BSNL stands fulfilled with the help of all Unions/Associations. Let us move forward to get Bonus for our employees as our next agenda.

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