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Sunday, April 7


Rumour mills of BSNLEU on 78.2 merger : BSNLEU is busy propagating that 78.2 IDA merger orders will be issued on 20.04.2013. Apart from conducting a Dharna on 15.2.2013 and passing a resolution demanding 78.2 merger in its CWC held during Feb.2013, BSNLEU has not even written a letter on the subject. The case is with Member (Finance) of DOT. In case of no further objections/ queries by DOT, this has to be cleared by Secretary, DOT who has joined the Department only on 01.04.2013 and then by the MOC.

Similar propaganda is made on Medical allowance and LTC also though only on 02.04.2013 GS BSNLEU has written to BSNL seeking LTC facility for those retiring with in 2 years but after 05.09.2013.

                                                                                           -- NFTE VELLORE

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