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Saturday, February 2

Managing Director
BSNL, New Delhi.
Subject:- Extension of 78.2% IDA fixation benefits to BSNL staff –Settlement regarding.
Kindly refer to our earlier communication regarding settlement of the above demand.
You will please recall that an agreement was arrived at and signed on 12-06-2012 between BSNL management and unions for extension of 78.2% IDA fixation benefit to BSNL staff. Sequel to the clearance by the Board the proposal was sent to the Administrative Ministry, DOT, for its approval. We are extremely sorry to state that the DOT is making quarries after quarries causing deep frustration and anguish amongst the employees as BSNL is the only PSU where staff were denied 78.2% fixation benefit in wage agreement signed on 15-01-2010 between recognized union and BSNL management. The agreement dt-12-06-2012 was obviously to correct the mistake which took place on 15-01-2010 despite availability of Govt. of India orders of 2nd April, 2009 for 78.2% IDA benefit.
According to information the DOT has again sought clarification on some points. Our President, Shri Islam Ahmad, met and apprised you about the present situation and impressed upon for expeditious reply to the DOT to avoid delay in settlement. We are mentioning below the following points for consideration.
(1) The NFTE is one of the signatories of agreement of dt-12-06-2012 which is basically for correction for neutratisation of IDA amounting to 78.2% as per DPE order dt 2nd April, 2009.
(2) There will be no change in pay scales although it is quite likely that some employees may get stagnation stage much earlier than expected.
(3) The burden of arrears payment is deferred and it will be considered only when the PSU attains sound financial health. Thus the BSNL will not face huge financial burden as propagated. Moreover the unions have also agreed in agreement of 12-06-2012 for savings on some other items for time being.
(4) There will be some financial burden on DOT due to enhanced pension. But the DOT has to discharge its social responsibility. Moreover, the BSNL has remitted and is depositing also the Pension contribution in respect of staff including of retired personnel.
(5) The 78.2% IDA merger (50% IDA merger) and 30% fitment both are settled issues as per DPE guidelines. There has been affordability also due to which 30% fitment in fixation was extended to the staff. The BSNL’s affordability was well established on the basis of 2007-08 PBT which was the criteria fixed by DPE. We very strongly feel that the subsequent year criteria cannot be evolved at this stage.

(6) The BSNL cannot be categorized as a sick company by any criteria and standard.
We, therefore, request you to please look into the matter so that the reply is sent to the quarries made by DOT. We will also request you to use your good offices to impress upon the DOT to cause early settlement of the matter as BSNL staff can neither be discriminated nor denied 78.2% IDA fixation benefit.

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