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Sunday, February 3

Spectre of Defeat haunting Abhimanyu !

    With the fast approaching 6th verification of membership under the new BSNL Recogntion Rules, Abhimanyu has started  his Goebel's propaganda.For examble, in today's BSNLEU Web News, it has been reported that 239 members have joined BSNLEU in Chennai Telephones Circle including 180 from NFTE-BSNL . 
It is utterly false and imaginary.

 The matter of fact is that some selfish and disgruntled persons, who were removed from the  Circle union office-bearers post, have joined  BSNLEU for obvious reasons.Their group is a very small one. In the period ending 15-1-2013, NFTE-BSNL Chennai Circle has enrolled  169 new members from BSNLEU ETC. Further, after that crucial date,under the leadership of Com.K.Madurai Muthu, a former Circle office-bearer of BSNLEU, more than 210 members of BSNLEU have left the union and joined NFTE-BSNL. Furthermore more than 105 members of Anna Union have joined in NFTE-BSNL, but they could not technically give their membership forms  to the Administation due to paucity of time.However they have expressed their willingness to remit their subscription to NFTE-BSNL directly till 30-06-2013. 

 It is doubly sure  that as in all the previous elections, in the 6th verifivcation also, NFTE-BSNL will emerge as the No.1 union in Chennai Telephones but with additional strength.This is the actual and factual position. After seeing the result of the Chennai Telephones on 18-4-2013, Abhimanyu will certainly be disappointed.      

  As per our knowledge and reliable information, in this election, with its poorest  progress report, BSNLEU is going to get much reduced votes in almost all the Circles, including their hitherto strongholdss like West Bengal, Assam, Kerela compared to the 5th membership verification. 

  It seems the spectre of imminent defeat is haunting Abhimanyu. That is why, even after the announcement of election as per New Recognition Rules based on proportionate Representation, he is unable to announce clearly that BSNLEU is prepared to fight Singularly and independently.

But he is bargaining secretly with its erstwhile allies by offering seats in the National Council  which is not at all permitted and also is against the true spirit of the new rules.Pooling  of votes in a Symbol and sharing of seats disproportionately is not at all pemitted .This election is to determine the actual support of each and every union to allocate council seats proportionate to their voting strength. Eventhen,  Abimanyu, who is boasting  of no.1 membership, in many circles, is morally and mortally afraid of facing the 6th verification independently without the support of other unions as in the case of all the 5 verifications from 2002 to 2011.

The Circle Union of NFTE-BSNL, Chennai  is  to write to the Chief Returning Officer in New Delhi, about the sinister, nefarious and underground  alliance  activities of BSNLEU to pool the votes for seats. This unethical practice (which is being exposed and opposed by the Tamilnadu & Chennai Circle Unions from the very beginning ) will itself prove how strong the BSNLEU is.

NFTE-BSNL Comrades are requested to ignore the false and motivated propaganda of BSNLEU and organise the election work so as to make  NFTE-BSNL the First Recognised Union and corner majority seats in the councils throughout the country so that we can regain the surrendered rights and privileges like Bonus, LTC, LTC EL Encashment, Medical allowance and do not suffer further loss in the days to come.


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