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Thursday, December 22

BSNL, New Delhi.
Subject: - Clarification  regarding  applicability  of  rule  for  permitting  the  voluntary
retirement with regard to staff absorbed in BSNL.
Vide BSNL letter No. 250-13/2011- Pers-III dared 19-12-2011 that the employees recruited
on or after 1-10-2000 shall be governed by Rule 55 (II) (C) of BSNL CDA Rule 2006 with regard
to voluntary retirement. The erst while DOT employees absorbed in BSNL shall be covered under
the provisions of sub Rule 11A of Rule 37 A of CCS (Pension) Rule with regard to voluntary
It is abundantly clear that the Rule 55(II) (C) is not at all applicable in respect of absorbed
employees. This tends to belief that the other provisions  viz 55(I), 55(II) (b) of CDA Rule, 2006
are also not applicable in respect of such staff whose presidential orders have been issued by DOT
as they are governed under provisions of Rule 37 A of CCS (Pension) Rules.Kindly, therefore, take urgent steps to clarify that the Rules 55(I) and 55(II) (b) can not be
applied on absorbees who have been conferred with PoS issued by DOT.
                                                                                                 Chandeshwar Singh,General Secretary

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