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Tuesday, December 13

Brief of discussions of Meeting held on 12-12-2011 between BSNLWA unions and
BSNL Management :
A Meeting between BSNLWA unions and BSNL management took place on 12th
December, 2011 on strike demands.
The Director (HR), Shri A.N Rai presided the meeting PGM (SR), GM(Est), GM
(Restg), DGM (SR) and GM(MM) were also present in the meeting.
The BSNLWA was represented by Comrades S.P. Sharma (WRU), C.Singh (GS
NFTE BSNL), Islam Ahmad (President NEFT), A.D.Patil (G.S AIBES), D.P. Patwa,
Rajpal (Secy. NEFT).
Staff side urged for with drawal of proposal.
Management stated that this will be introduced only on receipt of money from
Govt. The Management was apprised of that there is provision of voluntary retirement in
clause 55 of CDA Rule 2006. Provision of notional increment be made in the clause to
protect pension loss of retiring employees. The official side informed that the DOT has
not agreed to the proposal of notional increment due to pensionery burden.
2. Financial viability
Official side informed as below.
a) Subsidy from USO is expected after recommendation by Trai.
b) The issue of 40% pension cost on BSNL will be taken up with the DOT.
Union pointed out that BSNL HQR’S recent orders to deposit pension
contribution at par with deputationists may create complication to the retiring
employees. The official side assured to keep this aspect in mind.
c) Official side stated that choice for 3G spectrum is not possible.
d) License fee paid by BSNL goes into the coffin of MOF and its refund is very
big task.
e) Refund of about Rs. 6,000/- crores is expected in respect of BWA spectrum due
to surrender by BSNL.
f) BSNL is very must against nomination of TAC members.
Staff side stressed that the entire expenditures of TAC be borne by Govt.
3. Management informed that cables, Telephone sets, Drop wires are reaching in
the field. Tenders of GSM equipment have been finalized. Modume 2 will be
supplied in March, 2012. The staff side told in clear terms due to non- supply
of materials and equipments the private operators have captured the market.
How more revenue can be earned in this situation ? Management has utterly
failed to provide materials etc in the field. The staff side suggested the tender
process be decentralized to procure the equipments in time and to avoid
4. Official side did not agree for 78.2%. IDA fixation in pay revision due to
financial constraints. This was not clinched and settled at the time of signing of
wage agreement. The staff side stated that employees are undergoing immortal
financial loss as such 78.2% IDA be merged without arrears.
MC will consider
5. Restoration of Medical Allowance, leave encashment and LTC. The official
side stated that the issues will be reviewed in April, 2012.
The union representatives while pressing for restoration of Medical
Allowance suggested that number of days can be negotiated. Workers are hurt
with the arbitrary withdrawal of the facilities.
6. ITS officers will be repatriated in phase BSNL will screen and select managers
within 3 months.
The union demanded that non-performers, tainted and charge sheeted
officers be relieved immediately from the BSNL.
7. Union demand for grant of minimum Bonus was not accepted.
8. The issue of minimum Trade union facilities to applicant union is being
BSNL Management has not accepted the demands. Hence strike has to be
organised on 15th December, 2011. Leave no store unturned to make the strike

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