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Thursday, December 15

End the uncertainly
The Department of Telecom, DoT, choose a correct step but at a very wrong time to
start the process of absorption of ITS officers in BSNL. The absorption was no doubt over
due. The BSNL after attaining the loss of more than Rs. 6,000/- crores was showing
upward trend for last six months but suddenly got set back due to absorption process.
Near about 387 officers have been repatriated to DoT as per their choice and option. After
this an atmosphere of uncertainty is prevailing in the field as how long the remaining will
continue in the company? Most officers have started showing disinclination and disinterest
in the affairs of growth of the company forgetting their past contributions. Some officers
have become hostile also to the cause of company due to polluted atmosphere created
by interested quarters. These are seriously damaging the interest of the company.
Reports are coming that the departments of Railway, Defence, Local administration etc.
anxious to get BSNL mobile service have been discouraged and disappointed forcing
them to move to private operators. This is not only unfortunate but painful also.
Today, the company is in loss which can be wiped out by generating more and more
revenue by selling our products and expansion. But these are disturbed due to uncertainty.
The BSNL Hqr must come out with clear cut decision for how much period the ITS
will be retained in the company to enable them to take decision. Once target period for
their repatriation is fixed they may be asked to work and be held responsible for their nonperformance.
The tainted, non-performers and charge sheeted officer of course have
no place in the company and they should be told Ta Ta in clear terms.
The management must act very fast and firmly to end the present uncertainty for
betterment of the company otherwise its interests will be damaged beyond repair.
Meeting between BSNLWA unions and BSNL Management held on 12th December
on Strike demand. No positive result organise strike on 15th whole

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