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Wednesday, February 11

Is Tamil Nadu Circle union derail from its traditional path?:

We all know the Tamil Nadu Circle union is having rich tradition and colorful history led by our leaders Jagan, Muthiyalu, R.Krishnamurthy and Mahalingam. But the recent development and happenings in that circle eversince the last Madurai Conference make us feel whether the Tamil Nadu Circle union is going away from the path of great leaders O.P.Gupta and Jagan. The intolerance and arrogance of Com. Pattabiraman has vertically dived our union in Tamil Nadu. He is showing disrespect to all those who oppose or differ from his opinion or policy. He never bothers to consult the Circle Executive Committee or to take decisions in the Executive Committee Meetings but arbitrarily decides everything. This is the root cause of disturbance in the circle union.

Yesterday( 10/02/2015) nearly 70 comrades of Chennai Telephones North and South District union went to the Circle Executive of Tamil Nadu to submit a memorandum to the Circle secretary objecting his activities in violation of union constitution with regard to Sothern Telecom Region(STR) union setup. Instead of receiving the Memorandum and discussing the issues peacefully he ordered his goons who were specially assembled from nearby Districts of Vellore, Cuddalore and Puducherry to attack our Comrades brutally and through them out of the meeting hall. The CGM of Tamil Nadu Circle who came for to address in the meeting ran away through backdoor without speaking on seeing the violence unleashed by the Pattabiraman’s folloers. Our Chennai Telephones comrades continued their demonstration outside the meeting hall which was locked from inside. The Police authority came there and try to mediate but failed due to the stubborn and adamant attitude of Pattabiraman. In this situation the hall owner came to the spot and evicted everybody out of the compound and thus the said meeting came to an abrupt end. This is a very painful incident and we all should be ashamed off this ugly and violent activities of Pattabiraman’s followers. Even the Circle treasurer Comrades Asokarajan and Secretary (CHQ) G. Jayaraman were not sparred by these goon elements.

Com.Pattabiram who is for left unity and unity of all trade union is not practicing the same with his own union members inside the Circle union. He should preach only whatever he can practice. Preaching something and acting opposite to that is not good for any one or organization. Even at this time we hope he will realize his mistakes and try to sort out the issues raised by our comrades in a peaceful and democratic manner.
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