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Wednesday, November 27

End of an harassment!
  At last the harassment finally is over. The CGM, Chennai telephones finally closed the disciplinary proceedings against comrade C.K. Mathivanan and the letter communicating the displeasure of CMD was received by him on 25/11/2013.   We Hope the necessary vigilance clearance will be issued without any further delay so that Com. C.K.Mathivanan could get his retirement benefit atleast by the end of this year. However, We extend our sincere thanks to our National president Com. Isalm Ahamad who consistently took up the case of victimization with the coporate office and helped to solve this case without any punishment or monetary loss. We also thank Com. S. Mahalingam, former CS, Tamil Nadu who acted as Defence Assistant in the disciplinary case and helped Com. C.K. Mathivanan by his intelligent questions during the enquiry. In the last we congratulate all those comrades who stood like rock behind Com. C.K.Mathivanan during this difficult period and expressed sympathies, affection to him. We proved once again that any number of false cases cannot shake the leaders of NFTE.  We will continue to fight  against corruption, high handedness and discrimination without fear. We will also serve the working people with renewed energy and commitment.

Circle union, NFTE_BSNL Chennai telephones.


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