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Tuesday, October 4

TF – 4/5 Dated: 29.09.11
NFTE – BSNL Formal Meeting with the Management
1. All CHQ office-bearers & Special invitees.
2. All Circle Secretaries.
3. All District / Divisional Secretaries and Branch Secretary.
Dear Comrades,
We write to you to apprise with the details of meeting held with the BSNL Management.
The  management  invited  NFTE-BSNL  for  a  discussion  on  the  latest  developments including the proposal of VRS to the employees / executives who have completed the age of 45.The meeting took place on 27th  September.  NFTE-BSNL was represented by Comrades  Islam Ahmad, Chandeshwar Singh, C.K.Mathivanan and Rajpal. The management side was consisting of Director (HRD), PGM (SR), GM (Restructuring) and GM (Estt). NFTE-BSNL took this opportunity and conveyed the displeasure of employees over the arbitrary  withdrawl  of  medical  allowance  (without  voucher),  Postponing  LTC  facility  and cancellation of 10 days Earned Leave Encashment  facility while availing LTC for tour.  NFTEBSNL expressed its strong disapproval of the arbitrary attitude of the management in deciding the issues, which affect the work force without consulting the unions. The management of late only
informs everything to the unions and avoids any meaningful  discussion with the unions before taking any decision that may affect lakhs of employees. This attitude does not augur well to the
industrial harmony in BSNL. It was pointed out to the top management that immediate withdrawal of its 5th  September order will only bring industrial peace in BSNL. However the Director (HRD) agreed to review the whole thing after studying the financial impact. We also demanded that actual expenditure on Indoor medical treatment may be reimbursed to the staff instead of restricting the same to the CGHS rates forcing the employees to pay from their pockets which defeat the very purpose of BSNL MRS Facility.  NFTE-BSNL also pointed out the discrimination in settling the medical  claims  between the  top executives  like  CGMs  etc  and the  lower  ranked employees.
Director (HRD) assured us to enquire and remove such discrimination immediately.                 
The management conveyed that Tenders for various items like underground cables, Data
cards, Dslams, Modem II are being finalized and the supply of the same may begin shortly. NFTEBSNL pointed cut that customer should have the choice to select Telephone instrument either from
BSNL or  outside  vendors.  But  in some  circles  the  customer  is  forced to purchase  telephone instruments  only  through  outside  market.  This  has  resulted  in  cancellation  of  several  new
connection advice notes. The Director (HRD) agreed with us and promised to rectify this mistake. Selling wireless modem by the franchisees at CSCs while we have no supply of them does
not  look nice and our  CSC staff  are helpless.  We brought  this  to the knowledge of  the Top management for immediate correction.NFTE-BSNL also drew the attention of the management  to the fact  that  CSCs working
hours are arbitrarily changed to 08 am to 08 pm without posting necessary additional staff. Due to
this the staff working in CSCs are frustrated lot. Their working hours, weekly off and closure of
CSCs during holidays are the pricking issues that needs the urgent attention of the Management.
NFTE-BSNL opposed the practice of ordering additional responsibility to the nearby SSA heads
whenever particular SSA head proceeded on leave. This does not work well in the field. Instead
the senior  most  officer  in the same SSA may be given temporary officiating for the period of
absence. The management assured us to consider our point taking all side opinions. 
The Director (HRD) explained the steps taken by the CMD and the BSNL board to enhance
the revenue and profitability of the company. He appealed for the cooperation of all employees and
unions in this regard. As per his information the company has recorded 2% increase in revenue
although the 2010-2011 financial year ended with a net loss of Rs. 6000 crores. However he was
very optimistic that around 2012 BSNL will achieve a turn around in its business.In the end the
management wanted to present the proposal for VRS to the employees so that the expenditure on
salary account is reduced considerably. 
NFTE-BSNL at the outset expressed its strong opposition for the proposed VRS scheme to
the  employees  who  have  completed  the  age  of  45.  We  told  the  proposal  is  nothing  but  a
complusorly retirement  since already employees  are going out  through VRS.  The management
informed us that it is voluntary and no one will be compelled to go out through this VRS. The
Director  (HRD)  informed us  that  to implement  the VRS management  solely depend upon the
financial assistance asked for from the Government of India. No move to obtain bank loans (or)
disinvest the shares of BSNL to meet the expenditure on account of compensation payment to the
VRS optees.  He also categorically told us that since BSNL is now a loss making industry only
Gujarat type compensation package is possible and as per the package only 35 days pay + IDA will
be paid for every completed year of service. Thus the wide spread rumours that 60 days pay + IDA
will  be granted as VRS compensation was proved to be an utterly a  false propaganda by few
vested interested groups.
NFTE-BSNL put forth the arguments to counter the managements view that by reducing
the  staff  strength  by  one  lakh  old  gory  will  be  brought  back  to  BSNL.  We  cautioned  the
management  that  VRS instead of  solving any problem will  create  more  problems  and surely
disrupt the Telecom services and affect the efficiency.
NFTE-BSNL is of the firm opinion that the policy of the government of India and the proprivate  sector  attitude  of  successive  Telecom ministers  only  resulted  in  destroying  the  solid
financial  base of  the BSNL.  Untill  and unless these policies  of  the government  are changed /
modified  no  improvement  is  possible  in  BSNL.  During  the  discussion  NFTE-BSNL offered
number of suggestions to enhance profitability and increase the revenue. Returning  3G Spectum in
the  non-profitable  circles  was  one  suggestion  we  gave  for  reducing  the  expenditure.  The
management is of the opinion to return certain spectrum of Broadband wireless Access and sharing
of towers with other operators so that expenditure is reduced.
NFTE-BSNL is  of  firm opinion that  without  a  sustained united strike  the  anti-worker
policies of the management  cannot  be stopped /  defeated.  Hence we have to prepare for strong
opposition to VRS proposals through strike and other Trade Union Methods.
With greeting,
(Chandeshwar Singh)
General Secretary 

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