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Wednesday, March 9

Chairman and Managing Director
New Delhi
Subject :- Introduction of CDR System :- Request for remedial action.
            We are receiving numerous complaints that ever since the CDR system has been introduced in some circles / SSAs there is serious set back in rendering smooth, fast and quality of service to our land line subscribers. As a matter of fact the CDR is attacking landlines phones like terrorists and phones are being surrendered in large scale. We are mentioning below some of the points for your consideration.
  1. Low Speed :- The working speed of CRM is extremely slow and normally it takes more than 15 minutes to New Telephone or Broadband connections. The situation becomes pathetic when four or five people are in queue for booking. The subscribers have to come to CSCs twice / thrice for demand note and payment. You will please appreciate the difficulties and embarrassment one has to face while working on computer with such low speed. Therefore, increase in speed is essential.
  2. Shortest “Time out” :- There is frequent log-outs after every 2/3 minutes. One has to make log-in at counter which is time consuming. Due to drop-outs orders of  NTC, Shifting, plan change etc cannot be issued
  3. Lack of support from ITPC, Pune :- ITPC are not responding for many days when problems arise and dockets are issued. Due to this there is delay in completion of work.
  4. Billing system :-  (I) It is observed that four or five months are consumed in generation of bills. The customers are reluctant to pay heavy bills which increase the outstanding amount and thereby surrender of phones.
(II) Copy of duplicate bill is inadequately designed in such a way that no one can know what for the amount is charged. This is causing confusion amongst the customers. Even the paid amounts are added in outstanding causing resentment amongst the customers.

(III) The broadband bills are not correctly charged. In many cases “Free Usage” and “Night Free Usage” are not mentioned. The difference between actual usage shown on website and bill amount is shocking. The transparency in our billing system is over causing disrepute to company.
(IV) There are many occasions when “Invoice” become invisible. The customers are forced to come to CSCs frequently to know the bills.
We may mention that above adverse effects of CDR are proving detrimental to the cause of services which we cannot afford in the era of cut throat competition. The customers are leaving us every day as such effective intervention is must to eradicate the defects in CDR
            Kindly, therefore, intervene urgently and save heavy loss and damage to company.
                                                Thanking You,
        Yours faithfully,

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