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Sunday, March 27

Workers Alliance Meetings at Tirupati !!!

The meeting of BSNL Workers Alliance took place on 24th and 25th March, 2011 at Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh). In the meeting. It has been decided to oppose the VRS / CRS and lowering of retirement age of 60 years of BSNL employees. The meeting further decided not to participate in the JAC action programme in the present situation, as the convener of JAC and BSNLEU are not interested in unity of unions / associations. The convener and his union, BSNLEU are encouraging sphnters or unions and adopting big brother approach and attitude in the programme of action etc.,
The BSNL Workers Alliance after in depth discussions decided to launch struggle in May, 2011 to achieve the following demands.
1. The adequate representation of workers in the negotiating Machineries at all levels.
2. Grant of recognition to more than one union in BSNL.
3. Minimum Trade unions facilities to all the registered and applicant unions.
4. No retrenchment (No VRS / No CRS) of BSNL Workers and introduction of Replacement Scheme.
5. Stoppage of vindictive and partisan transfers.
6. Holding of departmental examinations and change in recruitment Rules of JTO / JAO, TTA and Telecom Mechanics.
7. Change of designation to all cadres.
8. Modification in NEPP orders with SC / ST reservation benefits and restoration of extra BCR increment.
9. Up gradation of Sr. TOAs.
10. Relax CGA Rules and give job to approved candidates.

(More details to follow on demand and programme). The General Secretaries of Constituent unions or their nominees will sit on indefinite hunger strike. BSNLWA also appealed to workers to improve the quality of services.

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