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Wednesday, April 23

An Appeal: Exercise vote; Perform democratic duty: 
 On 24/04/2014, the whole of Tamil Nadu state and the union territory of Puducherry 
will vote to elect 40 members of parliament to the 16th Lok sabha. Needless to point out that 
people should use this golden opportunity to punish the corrupt UPA Govt led by Congress 
party and the Communal BJP which helped the congress in every possible way to pass as 
many bills in the last parliament with the sole intension of helping the rich and powerful. 
Both these parties are sailing in the same boat of the Neo Liberal Economic policy and hence 
could not be considered as alternative to one another. Only the alliance of left and secular 
parties can be the real alternative to both the Congress and BJP. 
 In this situation the working class and the trade unions of our country have sacred duty to 
support the left parties so that the corrupt and communal forces are defeated in this election. 
The regional parties like DMK and AIDMK are having secret agenda to align with either 
Congress or BJP after the Elections only to share power at the centre. These parties never 
bother about the poor people or about their future. Hence these parties also to be rejected. To 
fight privatization, Disinvestment, Price rise and unemployment etc. We appeal one and all 
to support and vote the CPI and CPM candidates so that the voices of poor and downtrodden 
are reflected in the parliament. 
 Com. C.K.Mathivanan is in the thick of Election campaign for the last several weeks. He 
was campaigning and addressing at number Election meetings and rallies in support of CPI 
candidates in Thiruvallur, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore and Puducherry constituencies. He was 
also honored to accompany Com. Sudhakar reddy, The General secretary of CPI during this 
Election campaign. He also participated in several press conferences and TV debates to 
highlight the dangers of communal and corrupt forces which are trying to capture power at 
the centre to serve the interests of big corporate. Our comrades under the leadership of Com. 
Mali and Dhanapal etc are also working tirelessly in Tirupur, Thenkasi, Thiruvallur, 
Cuddalore and Puducherry constituencies for the last 10 days. 
 To safe guard the interest of the working people and to defeat the Communal and Corrupt 
parties NFTE-BSNL appeals to one and all to support and vote the left party candidates so 
that the next Govt formed at the centre is actually secular and pro people one. Exercise vote 
without fail on 24/04/2014 to strengthen democracy and secularism in our country. 
                                                                         C K MATHIVANAN.........

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