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Monday, June 27

Change of designation of Cadres.,      
         It is mentioned that the main stream cadres viz T.T.A, Sr. T.O.A., Telecom
Mechanic and regular mazdoors were designated in the year 1992-93. Even after
Corpotarisation  of  Telecom  Services  the  designation  of  these  cadres  remain
        Today,  the main stream cadres are in market  to sale the products of  the
company. We strongly feel that the change of designation of cadres is necessary to
motivate the employees as well as to make impression on the customers.
       Years back a committee was formed in BSNL for change of designation of
cadres but nothing has come although it is absolute necessity for marketing.
        We, therefore, solicit you to kindly look into the matter so that the cadres are
redesignated to suit the present marketing era.

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