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Tuesday, July 15

Welcome to New Members:......

The Circle union very happily announce the arrival of more than 280 members to NFTE-BSNL on 15/07/2014. We gained the new membership mainly from BSNLEU, NFTBE,TEPU and FNTO. Leading comrades of BSNLEU including its North-West district secretary K. Venkatesan have joined NFTE-BSNL due to the undemocratic and castiest activities of BSNLEU. Similarly comrades D.S.Ramprabhu and Panchatcharam of NFTBE left that union to join NFTE-BSNL with more than 51 comrades. It is to be noted that comrade D.S. Ramprabhu is the present circle secretary and Com. Panchatcharam is the present circle president of NFTBE. With this NFTBE in Chennai telephones is almost finished. The Circle union congratulates all the Divisional secretaries and District secretaries for this massive New membership and thank them for achieving the target fixed for 2014. A detailed breakup figures vide District unions will be released in a few days time.

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