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Thursday, August 16


BSNLEU has demanded the pay scale up- gradation of official language (OL) cadres at par with 6th pay commission in the NCM. SNATTA has written agreement with BSNLEU for pay scale up gradation of TTAs  at par with 6th Pay Commission and the highest pay scale to the TTAs in the non executive cadre. But always they told that 6th pay commission was not applicable to BSNL. Now suddenly 6th Pay Commission is applicable for OL as they are not TTAs.
In this NCM also, BSNLEU has not raised the issue of 30% fitment to post 2007 employees. After getting recognition this time, 30% fitment issue was not in an official agenda of any NCM.
When SNATTA was a part of the NCM, our representatives raised this issue in 24th NCM and management agreed to form a committee to look into this issue and if no solution met it would be discussed in the next NCM.
We were not present in the next NCM onwards and BSNLEU purposefully avoided the issue from the official agenda of the next all NCMs. Without including it in the agenda of NCM solution can be hardly met and all other shows like writing letters etc, are just eye wash.

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