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Tuesday, April 19

Purposeful meeting of the National Executive at Bhopal: On 15 & 16/04/2011

   was held with pomp and show. The newly elected circle secretary of Madhya Pradesh, Com. Habeeb Khan has arranged this meeting in a grand manner. The reception committee under the leadership of senior leaders Comrades Aisiwal and Thothre had to be congratulated for the way the meeting of the National executive was arranged. Almost all the circle secretaries and central office bearers have participated in this meeting.
         This meeting reviewed the results of the 5th Membership verification and thanked the employees for supporting NFTE-BSNL despite the money power and muscle power of BSNLEU. It noted that the recognized union has lost nearly 25000 votes and could secure only 46% vote due to its non-performance.
       The meeting of the National executive also discussed and passed several resolutions on all major issues affecting the employees including VRS/CRS, retrograde recommendations of the BRPSE, outsourcing, disinvestment and privatization. It decided to conduct relentless campaign against these policies among our employees. On the question of participation in the JAC programe, the National executive unanimously decided not to have any truck with JAC since BSNLEU is bent upon disrupting and destroying NFTE-BSNL. However the National executive has decided to go on strike action on common demands to safe guard the interest of the employees and the company. 
    A seminar on the financial viability of BSNL was organized on the 2nd day. The CGM Madhya Pradesh circle, All India president of SNATTA and our CHQ leaders spoke about the methods for improving the financial viability of BSNL. The National executive decided the following.
1. Disruptors R.K.Kholi and Utpal Dastigar were expelled from the National executive committee for                                betraying the union. These vacancies will be filled up at the next National executive meeting.
2. Com N.T.Sajwani who attended the meeting at Bhopal was asked to handover immediately every thing given to him when he was Secy. General. 
3. Due to financial difficulties instead of two monthly journals hereafter only one journal will be published by the union. The editorial board of the journal will consist of Com. Chandeswar Singh, C.K.Mathivanan and Islam Ahamad.
4. The next meeting of the National executive will be held at Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) in the 3rd week of Sep-2011.On the whole the National executive committee meeting held for two days in Bhopal was both successful and purposeful. The question of getting recognition for NFTE-BSNL is being pursued by the CHQ vigoursly through all means and we expect some positive decision on this issue very shortly

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