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Tuesday, April 19

ON BRPSE (Board of Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises) RECOMMENDATIONS

The CWC held at Bhopal on 15th and 16th April 2011 has totally rejected the proposal of BRPSE recommendations in connection with Roll Back of Retirement age to 58 years, VRS and merger of MTNL and ITI with BSNL. The CWC strongly feels that these recommendations are not only detrimental for the employees but also for the growth of BSNL.
The proposal of Roll Back and VRS to BSNL employee and the addition of staff through merger of MTNL and ITI are self contradictory and highly incompatible. Moreover VRS is against the assurances of Cabinet decision given during the time of Corporatisation and framing of Rule 37-A.
VRS, even if DOT gives approval may lead BSNL to debt trap which will add further deterioration to the already cash starved company.
It is open to everyone that MTNL has its own risk factors and beyond any connective measures. MTNL loss amounts to 3000 crores annually. There is no uniform service condition between MTNL and BSNL. MTNL is not having “37-A”. MTNL is already a listed company and more than 46% shares have been disinvested. So merger of MTNL with BSNL or any type of holding company would not help to synergige the operations as well as solve the growth of BSNL / MTNL.
The position of ITI is more worse than MTNL. Even for salary ITI is expecting budgetary help. There is no ‘state of art’ technology in ITI and it is not in a position to compete with Multinational production companies. A separate and specific road map for ITI alone would safeguards the interests of ITI and the merger would help neither BSNL nor ITI to grow. 
The C.W.C directs CHQ leadership to spare no efforts in fighting the BRPSE recommendations if announced arbitrarily by the management. The C.W.C. directs the CHQ to chalk out Trade Union Action in the appropriate time consulting all BWA and other Trade Unions in BSNL. 

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