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Saturday, June 28

JAC of non-executive unions meeting with management:- In respect of 
memorandum submitted by the joint Action Committee of union and Association of  nonexecutive, A meeting was held under the Chairmanship of the Director (HR) on 27-06-
2014. The Sr. GM(SR), Sr. GM(Est), GM(Pers), GM(Admn), GM (EF), GM(Restg) and 
DGM(SR) were present from official side. Com. Islam Ahmad President and C. Singh, 
GS represented the NFTE along with other JAC leaders.  A brief note of discussions 
upon issues are as follows. 
(a) Stagnation of Group ‘D’ employees:- Director decided that the various 
alternatives and suggestions will be looked into for settlement of the problem. 
(b) Wage erosion of Post 2007 employees:- Staff side forcefully demanded for the 
settlement. Now presentation will be given to BSNL Management. 
(c) 30% superannuation benefits to D/R employees:- Director (HR) indicated to 
extend 2% contribution. The unions pressed for increase in superannuation 
benefits to which there had been favourable indication. Even Higher Level 
Committee has recommended only 2% contribution. 
(d) PLI (Bonus):- The Director(HR) decided that it should be linked with the 
productivity and not with profit/performance. Now the committee will meet on 23
(e) HPC for CGA:- The Director (HR) decided that the HPC will take place in July, 
2014 and he will remove all the impediments.   
(f) Hardships in NEPP:- Already discussed in the standing committee on 26
(g) JTO/JAO results:- Staff side has pointed out that nothing has been mentioned 
for JAO examination results. The questions answered in Hindi have not been 
evaluated in Rajasthan. The Chairman assured for appropriate action. 
(h) Revision of Pay Scales of Sr. TOA, TM, Driver etc:- It will be discussed in the 
(i) PO in respect of employees whose training started in DOT period but 
appointed after formation of BSNL:- Matter is pending in DOT. 
(j) Option to the non-executives for fixation of pay on the date of next 
increment which felt after 01-10-2000:- Matter to be decided including 
stoppage of recoveries. 
(k) Settlement of anomalies due to 1
 wage revision:- Pending in DOT.  
(l) Eligibility conditions for appearing TM, Raj Bhasha Aadhikari, TTA, JTO 
and JAO examinations:- R/Rs are being revised. 
(m) Rs. 200/- SIM to all the non-executives:- Orders expected very soon. 
(n)  Revival of Telecom factories:- Space given to a company for manufacture of 
OFC. Matter is receiving attention. (o) Restoration of LTC,  Leave Encashment etc and Medical Allowance:- Staff 
side pressed for restoration of atleast LTC which was not agreed to by the 
Chairman. It will be perused further. 
(p) Wage revision in year 2017:– A fervent appeal from Chairman (Director HR):- 
The Chairman (Director (HR) while concluding the meeting with the unions on 
27-06-2014 made fervent appeal to all the unions to ensure that the wage 
revision takes place in year 2017. He told for wage revision it is necessary that 
the BSNL should be in profit for two years i.e. in years 2014-15 and 2015-16. The 
Staff side urges upon all to exert to the maximum to improve the revenue of the 
company although heavy odds are before us. 
(q) Revision of pension,  based on 78.2% IDA merger:- The issue is pending in 
(r) Relaxing the eligibility conditions to appear JTO, JAO, TTA, TM, etc:-
Revision of R/Rs in respect of TTA, JTO are pending in BSNL board for approval. 
(s) Revision of Allowances:- The financial position of company is not satisfactory 
so the demand is not accepted.  
(t) Manning of Call Centre by BSNL employees:- BSNL management agreed to 
review the matter to maintain call centers by BSNL employees, which are being 
maintain by outsourcing basis at present. 
(u) Fresh Recruitment of staff:- Consultant is engaged to study the issue. 
(v) Regularization of left out casual labourers:- In view of Supreme Court 
decision management not accepted the demand of JAC for regularization of left 
our causal labourers.   
(w) Promotion based on personal upgradation of the officials who had 
completed Telecom Mechanic Training:- The management not accepted the 
demand of JAC. 
(x) Filling up of SC/ST backlog vacancies:- This issue was already discussed in 
the last meeting of the National Council on 23
 April, 2014 in which management 
had assured to take appropriate action in the matter. 
(y) Permitting the Non-Executives to appear Management Trainee Exam:- This 
item was discussed in the National Council held on 23-04-2014, that the RR of 
MT will be reviewed after the first exam. 
(z) Change of Designations:- The issue will be discussed on 23 -07-2014 with joint 
committee for change of designations and all efforts would be taken to finalize 
the designations of non-executive employees .
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