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Wednesday, November 21

New Recognition Rules Before Next Verification!!

On 19/11/2012 as expected the management submitted its proposal in respect of New Recognition rules. As per  this   proposals the following things will be considered for implementation.

If any union gets more than 50% of the total votes in a  verification than that union will be the only recognized union.
 If no union secures 50% vote, in that case two unions will be recognized subject to a minimum of 35% of total votes and 15% of total votes.
In case none of the unions could secure 35% of total votes than the two   unions securing highest number of votes will be recognized on equal basis.
Further if any union secures a minimum of 7% total votes that union will be given limited trade union facilities including allocation of one seat in the councils.
All other unions will be treated as applicant unions and will be extended limited trade union facility only during the time of membership verification.
Check off system will  not be extended to applicant unions.
Members of the councils will be 14 only at all levels.
The unions should nominate only their members to the councils and nomination of other union members will not be accepted.
 Verification of membership will be held in every three years.
The unions were given 10 days time upto 29/11/2012 to give their opinions on these proposals of the management. Thereafter the management will finally decide the new recognition rules and implement the same before the next   membership verification in April 2013. BSNLEU, TEPU, and  BSNLMS were isolated in today’s meeting as NFTE-BSNL and other nine unions  took firm stand that only  after framing new recognition rules the next membership verification must be held. BSNLEU in a dishonest way  changed its stand suddenly and wanted the next verification  to be held under  the existing code of discipline. The management flatly  rejected this demand  and remained  BSNLEU that  it had submitted written request for framing the  new recognition rules. We could understand the worry of TEPU and BSNLMS which enjoy shadow recognition without even 1% of the workers suppor in any verification. But why BSNLEU is shifting its stand on & off so frequently in an opportunistic way?.



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