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Tuesday, July 12

சொஸைட்டி கடனுக்கு வட்டி குறைப்பு !
* 1 சதவீதம் 11-7-2016 முதல் குறைக்கப்படுகிறது.
* அடுக்குமாடிக் கட்டிடப் பணி 2016 ஆகஸ்ட்
மாதம் துவங்கப்படும் !
Telecom Society reduced the rate of interest as per our request on 24-06-16.
We thank the Board of Directors of our Telecom cooperative society for reducing
the rate of interest by 1% from the existing 16% as on date in the board's meeting held today. This will be effective from today
The work for the construction of Flats at Vellanur near Avadi will begin in the month of August 2016 positively after fulfilling all the formalities and completing the required procedures.
It may be recalled that our National Forum leaders had met the management of Telecom Society on 24-06-16 and presented a memorandum on the demands including reduction of rate of
interest and beginning of Flat Construction work at Vellanur land.
As per today's decision the rate of interest will be 15%
with effective from 11-07-2016.

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