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Monday, April 27

Com.C.K.Mathivanan is well and Recovered completely:

On the 2nd day of Nationwide strike(22/04/2015) Com.C.K.Mathivanan, Chairman, Chennai telephones FORUM was attacked in front of CGM office by a drunken ‘Anna union’ supporter (J.Stalin, Regular Mazdoor) for questioning his anti worker attitude during the strike. Actually the O/o the CGM, Chennai telephones was locked and sealed on the very first day of the strike. Even the CGM could not enter the office. But this Stalin who is the supporter of ‘Anna union’ entered the CGM office in the early hours of 21/04/2015. When he realized none has come for the duty he wanted to get out of the office at that time there was some heated arguments between the FORUM activists and this blackleg. The very next day this person came with a plan to attack Com.C.K.Mathivanan who was supervising the strike at the CGM office. The Anna Union leadership despite our appeal did not join the united strike but planned to disturb the strike with political power and authority. The strike was total but not a single Employee/Executives reported for duty at CGM office and other places in Chennai telephones. This may be the reason for their anger and unhappiness on Com.C.K.Mathivanan.

At about 03.15 PM on 22/04/2015 he suddenly came on a Motor Cycle in a drunken mood and menacingly approached Com.C.K.Mathivanan with two and half feet long sword pulled from his back. He tried to cut the head of Com.C.K.Mathivanan by using the sword but Com.C.K.Mathivanan miraculously escaped by stopping the sword just near his neck immediately he started attacking Com.C.K.Mathivanan with vengeance. All this happened with in two three seconds. Our Comrades rushed and saved Com C.K.Mathivanan from further attack and then Com.C.K.Mathivanan taken to Govt Hospital for medical test and treatment for injuries. Meanwhile the Police forces came to the seen and seized the weapon and Motor Cycle of the accused. Utilizing the confusion the accused was escaped.

The FORUM leaders demanded immediate action on that person in their meeting with the CGM. Hundreds of comrades rushed to the CGM office on hearing the attack on Com.C.K.Mathivanan.The Management promised stringent action on the accused immediately. Accordingly he was suspended on 23/04/2015. Police Authorities filed FIR against the accused and on the lookout to nab him. He is absconding till this time. Let us hope the law and justice will prevail in the end.

Comrades V.A.N.Namboodri, Islam Ahamad, Rajmouli and many other leaders throughout the Country expressed their condemnation and sent messages and mails in support. The Circle union of Chennai Telephones thank everybody for their solidarity

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