அணைவரையும் அன்புடன் வரவேற்கிறோம்... மீண்டும் தங்களுடன் வலைதளத்தில் புதுச்சேரி NFTE(BSNL)...இரா.தங்கமணி மாவட்ட செயலாளர் ... !

Friday, November 26


 As per JAC call, three days strike is going to be held from 1st december to 3rd december. The demands for the strike are given below.
1. Refund of Rs.18500 crores to BSNL paid to government towards 3G and BMA spectrum charges.
2.78.2% IDA Merger for wage revision w.e.f 1-1-2007.
3. Immediate settlement of ITS Group A absorption issue.
4.No Disinvestment / IPO of BSNL.
5. No VRS.
6. Procurement of adequate mobile equipements.
7. No unbundling of last mile copper cable.
8. Implement the Government's commitments on financial viability of BSNL at the time of corporatisation by continuing exemption from License fee and continuation of ADC, USO Fund etc.
9.effactive and expeditious implementation of programmes and projects lik ERP, NGN etc. Immediate fool proof measures for smooth change over to COR.
10. Government Departments and PSUs should be mandated to take telecom services from BSNL/MTNL only.
11. Revision of Pension on IDA along with wage revision. Immediate revision of IDA pension of pre-2007 BSNL retirees.
All the employees are asked to participate and make the strike as a grand success.

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