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Tuesday, April 2

தினம் ஒரு கேள்வி !!

 5.    BSNLEU always propaganda that it has stopped VRS/CRS in BSNL. But the hard fact is that BSNL board has already approved a retrenchment plan for reducing  one lakh Employees/ Executives as per the recommendations of the Sam Pitroda committee which was appointed by the Prime Minister of the Country. The proposal for retrenchment of Employees is actively being considered at Communication Ministry. As and when the approval of the Ministry is conveyed the retrenchment scheme will be implemented in BSNL. Why the leaders of BSNLEU still bluffing to the Employees that it has stopped the VRS/CRS?

6.   BSNLEU wasted 9 years of recognition without solving any one issue of directly recruited Employees. The retirement benefits are not worked out for these Employees till this date. Further these Employees were denied 30% wage hike as in the case of other Employees. Where as JTO/JAO’s placed in the similar conditions were given wage hike (5 Increments) even though they got appointed directly into BSNL after 01/01/2007. Why this discrimination for Non- Executive Employees also? 

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