அணைவரையும் அன்புடன் வரவேற்கிறோம்... மீண்டும் தங்களுடன் வலைதளத்தில் புதுச்சேரி NFTE(BSNL)...இரா.தங்கமணி மாவட்ட செயலாளர் ... !

Saturday, April 6

 10.  The Management after a long delay extended the benefit of encashing 10 days Earn Leave during LTC to our Employees as in the case of Central Government Employees. But Com.Abhimanyu opposed this and written a protest letter against this said order. Immediately the management   withdrawn its order which was beneficial to our Employees. Will any trade union act like this against the interest of Employees?

9. NFTE brought BSNLMRS (Medical Scheme) after CGHS refused to give Medical treatment for our Employees on the plea that we were not Government servants and became BSNL Employees. The finest Medical scheme was gradually dismantled and degraded during the period of BNSLE. Many conditions and restrictions were arbitrarily imposed on Medical treatment under BSNLMRS. It was restricted to two children and Medical allowance was given to our Employees every quarter was suddenly stopped by the Management. Why BSNLEU accepted all these without any murmur. Why it has failed to demand the best medical treatment for our Employees as in the case of Bank, Insurance and other PSU’s?. Why Com Abhimanyu accepted the CGHS rates when we are not Government Employees? Why BSNLEU leaders agreed for partial reimbursement of charges on Employees Medical treatment?.

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