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Monday, January 19

To 19.01.2015
Com. Chandeswar Singh,
General Secretary,
New Delhi-1.
 Ref: 1) Letter from CGM/STR vide CGM/Genl/NFTE – BSNL/
 2012-15/121 dated 08.01.2015.
 2) Letter for General Secretary, NFTE-BSNL
 Vide TF-22 dt: 29.12.2014.
 Sub: Union Set up in Southern Telecom Region – Reg.
 Kindly refer to the two letters cited under reference. I submit the following for your kind information
and necessary action at your end.
1) In June, 2006 the erstwhile Chengleput SSA of Tamilnadu Telecom circle was merged with
Chennai Telephones circle by a decision of the BSNL Management at the highest level.
Accordingly the Tamilnadu Circle Union at it’s circle conference in Coimbatore held from 3.5.2007
to 5.5.2007 took a decision to transfer the entire union membership of erstwhile Chengleput SSA
including those of STR, CTO etc. to Chennai Telephones Circle Union as per the Corporate office
2) The Management included the employees working in STR in the erstwhile CPT-SSA into the Voter
list of Chennai Telephones by Corporate Office orders.
The votes of STR employees were included in to the Circle votes of the Chennai Telephones in
the 3rd, 4th, 5th& 6th membership verifications conducted in 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2013
respectively. The monthly Union subscription collected from the NFTE-BSNL members in STR
was also handed over to the Chennai Telephone Circle Union through cheques for the last several
years since 2007.
3) Even in Tamilnadu Telecom Circle the members of NFTE-BSNL in STR working in different SSA’s
are shown as the Membership of those SSAs and their votes were also taken only into the
account of the respective SSAs. Hence there is no logic (or) reason for disturbing the present
setup. STR as such has no authority to recruit employees. Hence it depends upon the staff
deputed from the respective SSA’s. That is the reason why no separate gradation list for STR
employees as a whole do not exist.Those staff working in STR were shown in the gradation lists of
that particular SSAs only. Similarly the STR employees working in erstwhile Chengleput SSA are
shown in the gradation list of that SSA. Chengleput SSA was merged with Chennai Telephones in
June 2006.
4) The General Secretary has violated the articles ofUnion Constitution by requesting the
management for recognition of STR district union. To recognize a district union the competent authority is the Circle Secretary and not the General Secretary as per the Union Constitution
article No: 10b(1).
Further there can’t be a single District Union in the jurisdiction of two separate circle unions. This
is in violation of Corporate office instructions on the subject and Union Constitution as well. Hence
the letter written by the General Secretary NFTE- BSNL is illegal and unconstitutional.
5) The Management at all levels are expected to go by the rule book and not by the whimsical
opinions of any union leadership. We hold strong opinion that an employee of erstwhile CPT/SSA
should be under the jurisdiction of Chennai Telephones only whether he is working in STR (or)
STP (or) CTO (or) any other unit. Accordingly all the members of NFTE-BSNL in Chennai
Telephones should continue under the Chennai Telephones Circle union set up. If corporate office
orders are violated to satisfy few individuals then there will be chaos.
6) Further Chennai Telephones is not a regular territorial circle. It is only a metro telephone District.
As per the orders of the management there is no place for a district union setup in Chennai
Telephones circle. Therefore STR employees are organized only in branches.
7) The Constitution of NFTE-BSNL vide article-10 itself permits formation of District Union only on
SSA basis. But in this case the District Union is said to be formed in an area covering a full circle.
Hence recognizing a district union for STR as a wholein Tamilnaduis illegal and unconstitutional.
8) As you are well aware, the employees working in STR are spread over all the five circles namely
Chennai Telephones, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra and Karnataka. If a separate district union for
STR alone is approved and recognized only in Tamilnadu what will be its repercussion the
remaining four circles?
9) Although the merger of CPT-SSA was effected in 2006 and the STR employers were included in
the Chennai Telephones voters list from 2007 the General Secretary, NFTE BSNL now suddenly
written about STR Union set up to the management without even consulting the Chennai circle
union shows is biased attitude.
Hence it is requested to all concernedthat no action be taken in violation of both the union
constitution and the orders of the corporate management.
 With regards,
 Thanking you,
 Yours sincerely,
 Circle Secretary
 NFTE–BSNL, Chennai Telephones 

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