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Tuesday, February 7

Historic judgment !!

         On 02/02/2012 the supreme court  of India ordered cancellation of 122 licenses held by 8 privatetelecom companies and also imposed heavy fine on few telecom companies for fraud and cheating. The judgment came on a day shri. A. Raja former telecom minister completed one full year in Delhi’s Thigar jail for his dubious role in the allocation of spectrum at a very low price and without any auction to benefit few telecom companies on the basis of “ First come first served” formula which has resulted in the revenue loss of 1.76 lakhs crore of rupees as per the estimate of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India(CAG). NFTE-BSNL feels happy and welcome this historic judgment of Supreme court. As everybody knows Com. C.K. Mathivanan was in the forefront in opposing this spectrum fraud since 2008 when the precious spectrum was distributed fraudulently at 2001 price. However to curry favour with the telecom minister Comraes V.A.N Namboodri(BSNLEU) and K.Vallinayagam gave letter of support to Shri A. Rja, the then teceom minister stating that no irregularities was done in allocation of spectrum and gave a clean certificate to the  minister. Both these unions criticized the opposition of Com C.K. Mathivanan to the telecom minister has politically motivated. Now the cat is out of the bag.

    The judgment of the Supreme court has demolished at one stroke the theory of ‘zero loss’ by Shri Kapil sibal, the present telecom minister and all other congress and DMK ministers assertions that everything was done as per the rules and directions from TRAI. The supreme court severely criticized not only A.Raja and others but also the  TRAI . For several years TRAI was acting only in support of Private telecom operators and that is why it suggested” First come first served” method instead of open auction for the distribution of spectrum.

   Neither the Prime minister nor the then finance minister exercised their authority on the then telecom minister to stop this mega fraud due to political reasons since with the DMK’s crucial support UPA govt  was installed at the center. Hence both Prime minister and  Shri  Chidambaram are in a way responsible for this spectrum scam and answerable to the people of India. 

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